A Day in the Life of a Marketing Coordinator at a Technology Company

We caught up with Marianne Markx about what a typical day looks like as a Marketing Coordinator at a Technology Company.

How did you get to where you are today?

I’ve been working as a Marketing Coordinator at a technology company since 2017. While studying my degree in Business Management from Heriot-Watt University I realised I had a passion for marketing so decided to get some work experience during my summers. The placements were quite varied and helped me build a lot of the skills and grow in confidence which definitely helped me get the job I’m in today!

Tell us about a typical day in your role

No two days at work are exactly the same as it varies depending on what events and deadlines are coming up, but I’ll give you an insight into a typical day for me:


After arriving in the office and making a much-needed cappuccino I look over my email inbox for anything new and add tasks to my to-do list for the day. Different time zones mean that work often comes in when I’m asleep! After this, I’ll check the company social media accounts for the first time today to monitor engagement, and might reshare posts we’ve been mentioned in.


Time for the weekly team meeting! Here we usually go over any deadlines we have for campaigns, events, product releases and graphics needed this week and allocate tasks accordingly.


I would be lost without our team calendar! Once the deadlines are in place, I can work backwards to prioritise what I need to do and when. This week we have a new software release so an email will need to go out announcing this, with translations for the relevant regions. After checking in with our product marketing manager on what needs to be done, I get working on an email template.


Lunchtime! On my break I love to go for a walk with my bestie and have a catch up.


Getting back to work I need to schedule some social media content for later in the week so ask our graphic designers for some imagery.


At this time I have a call with the US team about marketing for an upcoming event, so after grabbing a tea (and a biscuit) and going over the notes I call them up.


After sending out a test email, I check with tech support about equipment required for the next trade show and ask accounts about an invoice that our printing supplier needs paid.


We have a press release going out tomorrow, so this needs adding to the website with some eye-catching photos too. When this is up, I will put a new job up on the German careers page, and a new training session to our website, drafting social media copy alongside this too.


Home time! Time to go home and relax before doing it all again tomorrow.

What are the top skills needed for your role?

As my role can be fast paced being on top of deadlines is vital, so you have to be able to manage your workload effectively. For me, time management, a proactive attitude and organisation skills have been really important in keeping everything on track. If you need to juggle several different tasks and projects, staying flexible and prioritising demands as they arise can help you stay on top of everything.

Top tips or any advice for students hoping to get into Marketing?

Put yourself out there! Work experience can make an application stand out – even if what you’re doing isn’t directly linked to marketing you can still gain skills relevant to jobs you are going for that can help you get the role. Internships and volunteering can be a great way to do this, or alternatively shadowing someone for the day can give you insight into different roles to find the best fit for you.

If you are still studying, try to choose modules that relate to the area of marketing you want to go into. This can give you a great base of knowledge before entering the workforce.

Do not be afraid to network! Meeting other women in marketing can give you invaluable advice, mentorship and support to help you get your start in marketing.

If you’d like to share a day in the life of your role, please email us at studenthub@girlsinmarketing.com

Laura Robinson
I'm a Commercial Marketing Executive for the UK's largest News Publisher. During my time at uni and after I graduated, I felt there was no platform that offered advice to new grads trying to get into Marketing, which is where my passion to help students and anyone new to Marketing came from. I hope I can help you all out by sharing some tips I've learned along the way!