A Day in the Life of a Marketing Assistant at a Digital Marketing & Influencer Management Agency

We caught up with Sophie Miller about what a typical day looks like as a Marketing Assistant at a Digital Marketing & Influencer Management Agency.

How did you get to where you are today?

I’m a second (almost third) year student at the University of Gloucestershire studying Marketing, Advertising and Branding. I also have a part-time Marketing Assistant Job at a digital marketing and influencer management agency called Multi Digital.

I landed my marketing assistant position at the end of February after applying for the role late-January. The position had over 99 applications and I still can’t believe I was the candidate they chose! I was up against graduates with much more experience than I have.

I think what landed me the role was a mix of my CV/covering letter and my performance in the interview. My best CV tip is to put every bit of marketing experience you have on there. Mine includes everything from podcasts I listen to, to the modules I study at university and ensured each point was rounded up by saying how this can help me excel in the position.

It’s human to be nervous in an interview, but don’t let that get the best of you. Your interviewer is only another human being, speak to them like one; smile, laugh if they say something funny, don’t stiffen up your body. Show them that you are somebody that they would want to have around them and on their team. Your personality and character is just as important as your education and experience.

Tell us about a typical day in your role

My role includes admin tasks such as sorting DMs and emails, creating and pushing content on our Instagram account, making and sending marketing proposals to companies interested in our services and scouting influencers for gifted campaigns our clients are currently running. So I do a whole host of things! At the moment, the most important thing on my agenda is finding and contacting influencers for a gifted summer campaign for one of our biggest clients.

I start my day at 10am and will push live our daily Instagram post, check our DMs, reply to some comments and post some stories, this usually takes me around half an hour but I’m usually on our Instagram account throughout the day. Around 10:30am I begin my scouting!

The campaign I’m currently scouting for has very specific requirements in terms of followers and engagement levels so I usually begin by finding one account that fits the criteria and would look good in the campaign and go through their recommended accounts, followers and following to try and find similar accounts. If this is proving difficult, I find a popular brand and go through their tagged and reposted posts. I do this for about 2 hours and then I will go back through the list and reach out to each influencer via DM or email.

After this, if I need to, I will spend some time content creating for our Instagram – including scheduling posts and stories. And every fortnight I will spend some time brainstorming some fun new ideas for our socials too.

My team is only small (4 people!) so we only have a meeting once a week on a Wednesday, as we usually keep up to date daily via whatsapp, and work on Google Docs (a shared document) so we can keep posted on each other’s progress.

What are the top skills needed for your role?

Time management is a huge aspect of my role and I imagine it’s very important in any marketing position. Every project will have targets and a deadline, meeting them is important, but excelling in them is how you really stand out. If my target is to find 50 influencers a day, I’ll try and find 60 or 70!

Organisation is also key to succeeding in any marketing role for the same reasons as above, deadlines need meeting and tasks might need completing so that another team member can begin their part of the project.

Top tips or any advice for students hoping to get into Marketing?

Grab on to ANY experience you can! LinkedIn free courses, podcasts, Instagram pages and blogs like this one, unpaid internships, online seminars, live videos – EVERYTHING. And put it ALL on your CV and/or LinkedIn. Employers want and need candidates with initiative, drive and hunger.

If you’d like to share a day in the life of your role, please email us at studenthub@girlsinmarketing.com

Laura Robinson
I'm a Commercial Marketing Executive for the UK's largest News Publisher. During my time at uni and after I graduated, I felt there was no platform that offered advice to new grads trying to get into Marketing, which is where my passion to help students and anyone new to Marketing came from. I hope I can help you all out by sharing some tips I've learned along the way!