A Day in the Life of a Digital Marketing Executive at a Retailer

We caught up with Shannon Golder about what a typical day looks like as a Digital Marketing Executive at a retailer.

How did you get to where you are today?

Let me first start off by saying, it was a long and bumpy journey to get into the job that I’m in today! I studied Photography & Video at university, which luckily, the main bulk of my job is based on. When I left university, I worked as an intern for several different companies; gaining skills, knowledge and learning what is was like to be in full time employment. Gaining all of this experience really helped me get to where I am today, and I am so pleased I interned for my first year out of university.

Tell us about a typical day in your role

As a digital marketing executive, no day is ever the same, I may do similar jobs throughout the week, but my days are always different, which is why I love my job!

Now, a typical day in my role:

07:50am – Commute

It takes me half an hour to get to work. During the commute I love to listen to Greg James on Radio 1, he makes me laugh so much which puts me in a good mood to start my working day. On a Friday though, I whack on a Spotify playlist and sing all the way to work (try it, it will really put you in a fab mood).

08:30 – Grab a coffee and plan

The first thing I do when I get to the office, is fill up my water bottle and grab a mug of coffee (it is so needed!). After I have my drinks, I sit at my desk, check my emails and write my to-do list for the day. I find to-do lists really effective, when I haven’t been able to write them in the past, I’ve found I’m less productive. A list motivates you to get all of the main jobs done throughout the day!

09:15 – Start my work

My job role requires me to balance lots of project. On a normal day, I start by checking social media, working with the marketing manager to plan content. After, I will take product images, edit them & upload them to our website. Other jobs I may find myself doing is updating our Amazon A+ product content, editing “how to videos” and creating graphics on In-Design and Photoshop for our website and social media channels.

12:45pm – Lunch time

My lunch times are always fun. I have a group of friends I spend it with, and each day we play board games, these could be be Dobble, What Do You Meme? or Citadels. They all vary, but we have a great laugh and a good catch up.

1:00pm to 4:45pm – Finish off tasks

During the morning, I may not finish all of my tasks, due to juggling different projects, so I go through my to-do list again and try to complete as many of these tasks as I can. It is common that I get ad-hoc jobs given to me to complete, but the important thing is, that I keep calm and cool, finish the ad-hoc tasks and then complete the job I was on beforehand. If I am unable to complete my to-do list, I start a new one for the next day, and pop them on the top of the list.

What are the top skills needed for your role?

The top skills or competencies needed for my role are an ability to work to deadlines (this is super important in marketing, as everything has a deadline), appreciation of web design, a self-starter and team player, having a creative flair as well as knowledge of photography and video production.

Top tips or any advice for students hoping to get into Marketing?

My tips for students wanting to get into marketing would be to start applying for jobs, placements or internships at least 2 months before you finish University. A lot of internships are recruited around April time, so get out there and apply! Don’t be too disheartened if you don’t hear back from somewhere or if you don’t get one of the jobs, marketing roles are extremely competitive, and it happens to everyone, some more often than not, so keep your head high, and carry on. When in a job, embrace it, be keen to learn, make friends and work hard. I did this, and I am now in a job I love!

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Laura Robinson
I'm a Commercial Marketing Executive for the UK's largest News Publisher. During my time at uni and after I graduated, I felt there was no platform that offered advice to new grads trying to get into Marketing, which is where my passion to help students and anyone new to Marketing came from. I hope I can help you all out by sharing some tips I've learned along the way!