A Day in the Life of a Brand Manager at KidZania London

We caught up with Jemma Anderson about what a typical day looks like as a Brand Manager at KidZania London.

How did you get to where you are today?

I had a fairly quick ascent into the marketing world. Although I had always had a big interest in marketing and PR, I never really considered it as a career until I became a PA to the Marketing Director for Merlin Entertainment’s London attractions in 2017. I got to see how exciting the day to day job was and after finally finding the perfect part-time Master’s degree in Marketing at Birkbeck University in London, I embarked on two years of part-time study, finishing in September 2019. I was lucky enough to be given my first role as Cluster Marketing Executive with Merlin which I did for a year before moving to KidZania.

Tell us about a typical day in your role

A day in the life of a Brand Manager at KidZania London is hard to define, especially in the 3 months that I’ve spent working from home! If you haven’t heard of KidZania, it’s an indoor city for kids based in Westfield, Shepherd’s Bush. My role is hugely varied and not just defined by ‘brand’ elements of marketing, in fact, my role can vary day to day to include PR elements, schools marketing, above the line marketing and creative design approvals.


My normal day starts at 8am, and armed with a cup of coffee I’ll go through my inbox to make my to-do list for the day. I find that I work best in the morning with a clear head so I’ll always try to ‘eat the frog’ and get my biggest task for the day done. This might be anything from building an email campaign to schoolteachers or update content for the website or even set up for a schools event in the city.


Whilst working from home, we’ve had a morning check in at 9.30am with the team, although usually in the office we work quite collaboratively, meaning I can swivel round and look at some designs our Graphic Designer has made for upcoming campaigns or signage to assist guests on their way around the city. As their manager, it means I can spot any tweaks that might be needed brand wise or think more in depth about the strategic intention of the creative – does it get across what we want it to?


Once a week we meet as a Sales and Marketing Team to discuss what each of us are working on, usually around 11am. As a small team, our roles often overlap slightly meaning that communication is key to ensure we’re all on the same page, especially if we are promoting a new activity or event.


12pm is lunch for me – having started the day so early I’m always more than ready for food!

The afternoon usually consists of putting together a marketing plan for upcoming events (top secret – sorry!) and often, a meeting with our Content and Theming Team allows us to align our plans. Marketing an experience rather than a product means that there are many teams who bring the magic of KidZania to life for the visiting kids. Our topics of conversation can range from what uniforms should be worn to what script needs to be followed to what the educational message of the activity is – something I must be on top of for marketing to schools and teachers.


4pm usually allows for admin time and a catch up on emails before finishing at 5, and commuting home (or from the desk to the sofa as I currently do!)

Few marketing roles have such a broad scope as mine, but it’s part of the reason why I love it – no two days are the same! When the kids are in the city and it’s busy, we often step in on the floor and lead activities ourselves which is always a great way to get first-hand feedback from guests and enjoying playing and learning just as the kids do!

What are the top skills needed for your role?

For this role (or any marketing role really) I’d say that stakeholder management is key. Although you might be the person to make things happen, there’s often many teams that you need to get approval from to make sure an event or new product is a success, so its key to be a good communicator. The ability to have a growth mindset is also something I learnt early on in my marketing career too. Things can change so quickly in the marketing sphere; you must be able to adapt and grow alongside the plans and the rest of the team.

Top tips or any advice for students hoping to get into Marketing?

Learn from others around you. I was (and am) so lucky to have an incredible support network of kick ass women with marketing careers around me. Their advice and encouragement helped me to be the marketeer I am today.


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