5 Ways to Stay Up To Date with Marketing News & Trends

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Marketing is one of the fastest moving, ever evolving sectors out there, so staying in the know has never been more important. As a student or recent graduate, being clued up on the latest trends and challenges will benefit you in more ways than one. As we all know, both PESTLE and SWOT analysis’s are the backbone of most assignments, so mentioning current Marketing trends in University assignments will be sure to earn you some extra marks.

Staying up to date will also allow you to drop some on trend Marketing news or challenges into interview questions. By showing your potential future employer you are aware of current Marketing trends and issues, they’ll likely trust that you’ll be able to bring relevant ideas to the role.

With things changing so quickly, it can be difficult to stay up to date so below are 5 ways to help you stay in the know:

1.       Sign up to a newsletter

Finding the time to search for Marketing news and updates whilst at uni can be the last thing on your mind when you’re inundated with coursework. I found the easiest way was to sign up to a newsletter and get an email straight to my inbox that I could read when I had the time. Try and find a newsletter you enjoy and find relevant, that way staying up to date won’t feel like a chore and you’ll look forward to receiving an update. Here are a few of my favourites:

2.      Google Alerts

Google Alerts detects new content about a specific word or phrase you have chosen, and then notifies you when it finds new content. For example if you’re really interested in SEO updates, you can set up an alert for this and have the content delivered straight to your inbox. You can also choose how often you receive the alerts, the source of the content (news, video, blog etc.), and the language and region to ensure you’re receiving the most relevant content for you. Some key words like ‘Marketing’ will return thousands of results every day, so choosing a more specific word or phrase would work best. You can sign up for Google alerts here.

3.      Join an Online Marketing Community

Joining an online Marketing community will allow you to interact with likeminded people and discuss Marketing news and trends in a different way. Girls in Marketing is a perfect example of a place to visit and interact with others. By reading blog posts/website content and interacting on social channels you can start a conversation and ask questions. This is probably one of the most effective ways to learn about new trends and hear other people’s experiences and viewpoints.

Join the private Girls in Marketing Facebook group or our Girls in Marketing for Student and Recent Graduates Facebook group if this is something you’d be interested in.

4.      Search hashtags

If newsletters and online communities aren’t for you, a super quick way to stay up to date with Marketing developments is to search hashtags on platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter. I’d definitely suggest sorting the search results to show ‘top’ content and browsing through them. Anything that catches your eye you can search in more depth, but regularly searching hashtags is a great way to stay on top of the Marketing world.

5.      LinkedIn  

LinkedIn is one of the best tools for staying up to date with Marketing news. If you build a relevant network, your newsfeed will be flooded with connections posting interesting articles they’ve found, posting their own blog posts and liking and interacting with other relevant content. So all you need to do is to connect with users in Marketing and the relevant industry you’d like to work in.

If you have any idea of a specific company you’d like to work for, reach out to employees that currently work there as these are usually the best type of people for providing updates that are relevant to their business. You can also search any hashtags on LinkedIn and follow them so any content marked with your chosen hashtag will appear on your feed.

Let us know how you stay up to date with Marketing news and be sure to sign up to our Girls in Marketing Newsletter!

Laura Robinson
I'm a Commercial Marketing Executive for the UK's largest News Publisher. During my time at uni and after I graduated, I felt there was no platform that offered advice to new grads trying to get into Marketing, which is where my passion to help students and anyone new to Marketing came from. I hope I can help you all out by sharing some tips I've learned along the way!